So, what’s the deal with the cat?

Cell sites seem to be everywhere these days, but many people don’t know what’s on them or what the different pieces do. Without the Cat explains what sort of equipment is located at a typical cell tower site.

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Radio Spectrum

This describes the radio waves that are sent and received between the tower and the user’s handset. Usually described in terms of frequency.

Radio spectrum is owned by the wireless operator, such as AT&T, Clearwire, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, etc.

Divided into blocks and is located at different frequencies:

  1. -700 MHz (North America)

  2. -850 MHz (North America)

  3. -900 MHz (Europe)

  4. -1.6 GHz (North America L-Band)

  5. -1.7/2.1 GHz (North America AWS)

  6. -1.8 GHz (Europe)

  7. -1.9 GHz (North America - PCS)

  8. -2.5 GHz (USA EBS/BRS)

  9. -3.5 GHz (Canada and Europe)

When the radio waves travel from the top of the tower down to the mobile device, RF engineers call it the “downlink”.

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Legacy BTS
Remote Radio Head
DC Power
Ice Bridge
Lightning Arrestor
LTE eNode B
Cell Site Lease
Cell Site Lease
Cell Site Lease
Cell Site Lease
Cell Site Lease
Cell Site Lease
Microwave Dish
Tower Mounted Amplifer
Cell Tower
Cell Tower
Cell Tower
Cell Site Pad
Cell Site Pad
Cell Site Router
Where did the name come from?